I was born in the city of Buenos Aires in 1986. I'm a graphic designer, graduated from the School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism at University of Buenos Aires (FADU-UBA) and Specialist in Theory of Communicational Design in the same School.

Both professionally and academically, I work in multidisciplinary teams involving designers and people from the field of Social Sciences.

Professionally, after working in an independent design studio, I joined Marca | Strategic Design. Since 2015, I'm one of the design consultants at INSITUM, a global leading innovation consultancy. I also work freelance in projects related to different areas of graphic design.

On the academic field, since 2007 I teach the Communication II course (Arfuch), in FADU-UBA. I also taught the Typography I course (Venancio), at the same School. I'm an Assistant Researcher at American Art Institute (FADU-UBA) and a Master Candidate Researcher in the research team (UBACyT) led by PhD VerĂ³nica Devalle. Currently, I'm working on my Master Thesis, that studies the conditions that led to the establishment of infographics in journalism in Argentina during the 90's decade.